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ESFD Fundraiser

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Outfit Your Firehouse Fundraiser

We are raising money to help purchase new furniture, equipment, lockers, kitchen appliances, etc to furnish your future fire station. We have built this building without raising taxes and are now asking for your help in funding the furniture purchase if you can! Anything helps!

Ready to Donate?

We're hoping to raise $60,000 to help outfit our Fire Station.


As of 6/1/2024

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New Arrow Point Station
Admin Office & Fire Station

Coming Soon in Fall of 2024

East Side Fire District is in the process of building a new Fire Station with an anticipated completion date of November of 2024. As our community grew and our volunteer numbers increased, our Commissioners and Chief had foreseen the need for a larger facility in the future.  In 2019, ESFD purchased two properties directly south of our current Arrow Point Admin Office & Fire Station. At the time, the building housed a QRU (Quick Response Unit for EMS), a fire engine, a brush truck, and a pumper truck. In July 2023, with the addition of an ambulance, our building was no longer able to accommodate all of the apparatus. The need for a new building became a necessity with the much anticipated addition of an ambulance to our emergency fleet. With the need for more space,  the Commissioners & Chief saw the opportunity to expand our administrative facility, provide larger training areas to accommodate our growing volunteer base, and add living quarters for future paid firefighters. Since the start of ESFD in 1994, our administration has always considered the growth in our area and have planned accordingly. Throughout the years, the District has reserved funds to purchase the land in anticipation of our need for expansion and our current administration is now using our reserved funds with the addition of Impact Fees to build this new building without burdening our community with a bond. The current Arrow Point Station, which is leased from Kootenai County Fire & Rescue, will transition into our Arrow Point EMS Building and house a QRU, an ambulance, and will be converted into living quarters for future EMTs at a later date. The new building will be our Arrow Point Administrative Office & Fire Station and will accommodate our administrative staff, a training/meeting room, Fire Apparatus and will house firefighter quarters (the latter of which will be built out when needed). We look forward to the completion of this project and thank all that have helped to make this possible.

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