For Your Information

Current Burn Restrictions

Permitted Burn Types

-Burn Barrel (residential solid waste disposal)
-Residential yard waste/Orchard Clippings
-Weed control along ditch banks and fence lines
-Rangeland (not cultivated or seeded in the last 10 years)
-Prescribed Burning – broadcast

Prohibited Burn Types

-** Closed - Crop Residue, Pasture, and CRP burning
-** Closed - Hand Piled Logging Slash
-** Closed - Machine Piled Logging Slash
-** Closed - Special Use (Agency permit use only)

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As of 10/9/2020

East Side Fire District is pleased to announce an improvement in the Public Protection Classification (PPC) rating for all member properties within District. 

The Idaho Surveying & Rating Bureau recently classified the District's new fire boat as a Mobil Drafting Site, enabling a PPC rating reduction from 8-4 for East Side Fire District member structures within 1,000 feet of the shoreline and within 5 miles of the fire boat moorage location in Martin Bay. 

PPC Ratings reflect fire suppression capabilities within fire districts and are used by many insurance companies to determine both scope and cost of coverage. The new rating went in to effect January 10, 2020.


For further eligibility information, East Side Fire District member property owners may contact East Side Fire District at 208.769.4269 or have their insurance companies contact the Idaho Surveying & Rating Bureau directly for membership petition information to secure fire protection required to take advantage of the rating improvement.

If you're not a member of East Side Fire District but would like to be, contact us directly for membership petition information to take advantage of the rating improvement.

"This rating improvement is a direct result of our fireboat's water pumping capabilities combined with the operational expertise of our personnel to quickly provide a high volume of water to apparatus supporting fire suppression for structures close to the shoreline. We are very pleased to provide this improved level of fire protection for our members."

                                                Fire Chief Dan Currie

                                                East Side Fire District


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